The Candle of Hope

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​Donate any amount on a recurring basis and help us do meaningful work. We help area charities by moving food donations to where they are needed, collecting clothing donations, and making a real difference. 


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The Candle of Hope

1349A Macopin Road West Milford NJ 07480 US


Your Donation makes a difference!

100% of funds raised from audiences at our events go directly to area charities as directed by the donors themselves! This is a unique way of helping the good causes near and dear to the heart of the donor. We are simply there to inspire folks to help.


​To continue the good work, raising awareness and funding for charities, and helping real people in need, The Candle of Hope relies on the generosity of individual donors and business sponsors.


The Candle of Hope is a 501(c)(3) faith based charitable organization. Your donation is Tax Deductible.